Filming in Kern County is like shooting in your own back yard - if your yard covers 8,172 square miles of mountain, valley and desert. The southern San Joaquin Valley, the lower Sierras, the upper Mojave Desert - they're all right here.

Kern is the third-largest county in California. Think larger than Massachusetts, New Jersey or Hawaii. Kern is bigger than Delaware, Rhode Island and Connecticut combined. That big size also means big opportunity.
This historic area boasts an incredible variety of looks: classic Americana, cities large and small, desolate roads, barren desert, rolling hills, agriculture, a raging whitewater river, lakes, awe-inspiring red cliffs, the Old West and more.

Conveniently positioned as Hollywood's next-door neighbor to the north, our locations range from just 75 minutes to three hours from the heart of Los Angeles. Think of us as your extended back lot.
The Kern County Film Commission is the designated permitting authority for Kern County. We're also happy to provide location information and production service referrals.
Kern County film permits and roads permits are issued FREE, and our on-line permitting system makes the process fast and efficient. With a laptop and e-mail you've got 24/7 access, and emergency phone service completes the package.

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